Life Minus You


The Treasure That You Seek


Confusing Clarity

Life is Confusing

Give Me A Box

give me a box



Waiting on a Golden Pen




If you are anything like me, injections are best experienced when you are providing comforting words that you would never buy yourself to a friend, sibling or other unfortunate individual who is about to get jabbed. This is the moment when your mind feed starts to trend with #dontjustbeafraidbeveryafraid talk about going viral.

Yes it’s necessary (Not!!) and maybe, just maybe you really need it but the next big invention should beam rays like the sun and have us absorb the medication like vitamin D. Phototreathensis.

Higher than the stair you wish to stand on

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It is written, faith without works is dead. The knowledge of what you need to do will not make it happen. You have to take action in order to make it happen, and you actually already know that you have to put in much more than you expect in order to get to the next level. Your next step must be higher than the stair-step you wish to stand on.



Comparison can be deceptive and lead to the illusion of progress or the lack of.

Why should the man building a skyscraper be concerned at the progress of his neighbor who is building a house?


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