If you are anything like me, injections are best experienced when you are providing comforting words that you would never buy yourself to a friend, sibling or other unfortunate individual who is about to get jabbed. This is the moment when your mind feed starts to trend with #dontjustbeafraidbeveryafraid talk about going viral.

Yes it’s necessary (Not!!) and maybe, just maybe you really need it but the next big invention should beam rays like the sun and have us absorb the medication like vitamin D. Phototreathensis.



Comparison can be deceptive and lead to the illusion of progress or the lack of.

Why should the man building a skyscraper be concerned at the progress of his neighbor who is building a house?

Higher than the stair you wish to stand on

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It is written, faith without works is dead. The knowledge of what you need to do will not make it happen. You have to take action in order to make it happen, and you actually already know that you have to put in much more than you expect in order to get to the next level. Your next step must be higher than the stair-step you wish to stand on.

Life minus you


Most of us struggle with what to do with our lives. Some of the greatest innovations and ideas were spawned out of a state of lack. If you are not sure about what your life’s purpose is, try imagining life without you and you may get a hint of whom you are secretly yearning to become.


Life is currency and the way you live defines how you spend it, the catch is that you never know how much you have left to spend. You could choose to be frugal with your life after all we can’t risk running out of it in the event of a rainy day right? Not to mention the compound interest that the graveyard is going to enjoy cashing in on your death with all that unused potential.


If you really want to know what to do with your life, write your eulogy, and then use every ounce of your being to make it happen while you still can. Life minus you equals your purpose, fill in the blanks.

Code name brilliant


Life was hard so i decided to be brilliant.

Brilliant: to shine brightly, glittering, lustrous, distinguished, talent, intelligence, quality, vivid, clear tone, etc.


What does it take to become brilliant?


  1. The first thing to note is that brilliance does not lie in potential, but in actions, so you have to be actually doing something and not just thinking about something in order to be brilliant.


  1. All the terms used to define brilliance are the result of external observations and so being brilliant begins when others see it in you.


  1. Find what you are good at rather than trying to be good at what’s popular or trending.


  1. Find problems that the thing you are good at solves and your brilliance will shine.


  1. Relentlessly pursue opportunities in every scenario, complaints are only fuel for despair if unaccompanied with solutions.


  1. Always look for what you can give to others.


  1. Look for firstimes, explore, learn and discover new things everyday.


  1. Look for brilliance in others, connect with them and let them know their impact.


  1. Brilliance is hidden within, you have to dig it out, which sometimes means throwing out things that you love and blowing holes into your character and stepping out of your comfort zone.


Above all the items on this list you must seek to be yourself.




“Complaints are only fuel for despair if unaccompanied with solutions.”



“You must start or stop before you succeed.”



“Life was hard so I decided to be brilliant” 



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