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Higher than the stair you wish to stand on

It is written, faith without works is dead. The knowledge of what you need to do will not make it happen. You have to take action in order to make it happen, and you actually already know that you have to put in much more than you expect in order to get to the next…


Life minus you

Most of us struggle with what to do with our lives. Some of the greatest innovations and ideas were spawned out of a state of lack. If you are not sure about what your life’s purpose is, try imagining life without you and you may get a hint of whom you are secretly yearning to…


Code name brilliant

Life was hard so i decided to be brilliant. Brilliant: to shine brightly, glittering, lustrous, distinguished, talent, intelligence, quality, vivid, clear tone, etc.   What does it take to become brilliant?   The first thing to note is that brilliance does not lie in potential, but in actions, so you have to be actually doing…


“Complaints are only fuel for despair if unaccompanied with solutions.” thodiculous